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Monday, 27 October 2014

Mega Cycloneshock Box Art and More Pics

It was going to happen sooner or later. And here it is, Cycloneshock box art... after the jump, LOL!

Ok, here it is...

Sorry but I couldn't find a larger image than that. But, it gives you an idea of what to look for when it comes out incase the giant red hand cannon wasn't obvious enough for you.

And thanks to Taobao, we have these gems!

Here we get a good look at the underbelly of the beast. The fore grip looks comfy enough and the tac rail, is... well it's a tac rail.

This blaster has one of the nicest profiles I've seen in a long time. Everything about this blaster just looks right! I really hope the hand guard is not as small as the Crossfire Bow's. The hard lines and the sharp corners are reminiscent of the Maverick, and I approve.

In this collage of red awesome, we get a look at various angles of the Cycloneshock. The two-tone handle is really REALLY doing it for me, there is a good amount of black, charcoal grey, red and orange here. I can't help but ask myself, would Mega have been more successful if this was the first blaster they released. And then I answer, "yes".

Here we see both sides of the blaster, because it does have two. I promise I won't make that joke ever again.

I honestly can't wait to see this in person. I've always liked the Mega line, while it might've had a shaky start, things are definitely looking up for the Mega line. One thing I know people will want to do to the Cycloneshock is modify it to take regular elite darts, now that, would be interesting.

What do you think? Does this blaster make you want to buy Mega when you haven't wanted to before?

~ Rob

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