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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Rebelle stuff that's old and Mega XD

You read the title correctly, MEGA... X... D, but don't wet yourself in excitement just yet. I'll explain after the jump.

There are two reasons you whouldn't be excited about the MEGA XD Magnus.
1. It has been proven that XD doesn't mean anything, unless your name is Xander
2. and even if it did, you're only getting an additional 3 meters

But, I suppose it was inevitable, here is the pic.

So, remember the Hammershot holster that came out a while back, well it has a new sister, and it's being sold with a wrist quiver on

Description goes:
Holster holds Nerf blasters and straps to your belt and around your leg Fully adjustable for all sizes.

Durable fabric material The ultimate accessory for quick fire action Wrist holster holds darts for quick fire action Ages 5

The holster looks like a nice bit of kit, but, I wonder how "durable" it is? It might be durable to the punishment most kids can dish out, but, what about grow-ups? And the wrist quiver? Well I can say without trying it on, it's not going to fit me!

And onto what is becoming the Jolt of the Rebelle line, the Heartbreaker Bow, because here comes another colour scheme!

I think that makes five colour schemes now (including the Toys R Us exclusive gold variant), this one I found on as well.

Nothing changed except for the colours. The dart holder is green now, so, might suit a Zombistrike blaster maybe. I've never been interested in bows before, but I gotta say, these new colours, haven't changed anything. It does look more gurl-punk than previous versions. But... meh.

What do you think?

~ Rob

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my name! As you can probably guess, I am nerf0525. (not legit enough, I know) The magnus XD pictures are not mine, I found them on nerfhaven by the user sharky. Also, thanks for sharing all the nerf news and pictures!!!


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