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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Zombiestrike Flipfury on

Oh those Germans, at it again. This time it's the Flip Fury, the newest addition to ZombiStrike, and it's a whole lot of orange.

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Thanks to we get a hi-res look at a stock blaster that incorporates a mod some have already done.

It starts off looking like an orange Strong-arm, and then it goes mental. I'm on the fence about the hand guard and it will undoubtedly be front heavy and there is a second trigger that will undoubtedly release a lock for the cylinders.

The description goes (thanks to Google Translate):

Well, now you are thinking about whether or six shots are out, or only five, if I am to be honest -. I'm in the excitement does not itself counted [...] Now ask yourself some games, whether you are a child of fortune Is.. still a bullet in it? What do you think? " Had Harry Callahan in "Dirty Harry" a FlipFury instead of his six-shot revolver worn, then this question would not have been - because (apart from the fact that this would surely cause even at close range no havoc on bank robbers and the film world to a pretty cool scene had been robbed) there would definitely have been quite a bit of ammunition in it. We take a step back ... What we want to talk about here? In short: From turret blasters as Maverick and Strongarm. Cool they are yes, the 6-shot guns from Nerf. For a long time they are on the list of the most stylish Blaster up front, and not just because you are in the hand can give Dirty Harry quotes from with them. But their short description (6-Schüsser) also contains already the biggest disadvantage of this blaster archetype: After 6 Darts is final. So what do you do when the undead hordes was slowly evacuated to a long zuwanken and any foam from the cylinder into the crowd? So far, it is best picked in such a case, the legs in the hand ... Until now! The Flipfury has 12 shots in two 6 drums, so right times double the capacity. Instead of giving money to the heel lever located in front of the trigger is only pulled, the drum can show as in the previous blasters, but at the same time brings the second drum in position here. So the inclined zombie hunters are just six more darts available, the use of alternating actuation of the slide and the trigger can be accurate up to 20m far missed. By design, the Blaster has certainly more for science fiction settings, but that should not diminish the glorious appearance of this highly functional side Blasters - Blaster could be used directly without large changes in film and television. Included in the package are next to the Blaster itself 12 Zombie Strike Darts, enough to fill the blaster once and stop two bank robberies or 12 Undead with foam allergy before you would have to reload for the first time.

If this looks familiar, it's because it is, thanks to Zuru and X-Shot.

I'm on the fence about this blaster as a whole,it'll be practical no doubt, but, the hand guard concerns me after the Crossfire Bow. And the cylinder lock release trigger looks a little flimsy to me. I might wait to get one of these just to see what kind of problems others have, then I'll make a decision. How about you?

~ Rob

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