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Monday, 6 October 2014

Zombiestrike Machette in Australia, but does it mean anything?

I recently received a photo showing the Zombistrike Machete in a Big W selling for $18. This is (to my recollection) the first time a Nerf melee has been sold at retail in Australia, will there be others?

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Like I said before, to my recollection, we've not seen Nerf melees in Australian stores before. I have a Klaw Hatchet and a Zombiestrike Blade, but those were imported from USA.

please forgive the shadow

There are quite a few Zombiestrike melees available (most made by Perpetual Play) so are we going to see more? Or, are retailers testing the waters with the Machete and then make a decision? I'll say this, if the quality of the others are anything like the one I forked out $18 for, it might be a short visit to the big brown country for Nerf melees.

The one I have is poorly painted and damaged, a lot! A bit of the handle was even torn off because it was stuck to the box. There is slag hanging off the join and handle looks like it was painted with a screwdriver.

Compared to the Zombistrike Blade and the Klaw Hatchet, the only flaws I could find (and I had to really nit-pick) were these.

Quality issues aside. There are Nerf melees in Australia now and it's good to see, and I'm really hoping this is just the first step in a rollout of the N-Force line (though the Machete isn't N-Force). I'd be quite disappointed if we only get the Zombiestrike made-by-the-lowest-bidder-under-license-regardless-of-quality-of-final-product-because-we-can't-be-bothered-to-do-it-ourselves products, then I don't see it being much of a success here. Sure, we can just do what we've always done and buy it from, but, then we have to wait for it. I'm too impatient for that. I want to see Nerf aisles like I've seen oversees, like Hong Kong!

Floor to ceiling, blasters! Like the entrance tunnel to the hidden temple of foam.

So, Nerf melees, if they are coming here (to stay), what took them so long, and if not and you're just teasing, why not bring them here? Why tease us with these poorly forged foam machetes? Like a dad dangling the keys to his sports car in the face of his child with a fresh driver's license only to yank his hand back as we reach for it and then says "You wish kiddo".

Or, I might be thinking about this all too much and Hasbro just thought they could make some extra dough by selling an extra thing.

What are your thoughts? Just the Machete and they'll leave it at that, or do you want it to expand from there?

~ Rob

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