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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

2015 Blasters in Chinese Toy Catalogue (Flipfury & Crossbolt Boxart)

China is up to it again. This time, is printed toy catalogue. And thanks to 19771021883WYH (that's his user name) and Liamsnerfmods I can share it with you.

More after jump.

I'll start with the most interesting one first. The Sharpshot. It appears in six photos in six different configurations.

As I first suspected, the stock comes off and reattaches to the blaster for travel. But, it looks as though the barrel comes off too. I am having big reservations about this blaster. It looks like it'll be a Firestrike, with a stock, with an extra barrel and a slide type prime. The price listed here is AU$32 when converted.

Next, we get a blurry look at the Crossbolt's box art.

As you can see, there is no room for a dart pusher behind the clip. So the theory that this is a string powered blaster get more weight. My theory is that there is a plastic hook or catch attached to the string that will pull the dart forward from the clip. I like the design, I'm not too sure of the propulsion medium. The price listed here is AU$47.20 when converted.

Also, blurry look at the Flipfury's box.

Open style box with the usual Zombiestrike livery on it. I've converted the price, AU$43! A bit much if you ask me. There is also a listing for the Cycloneshock on this page.

We also get a look at some we've already seen before.

Something old, something new, something expensive. If plastic is getting more expensive (as Hasbro claims) then why make a Firestrike with extra plastic bits that don't do much? And $43 for a dual cylinder Stongarm is a but cheeky if you ask me, it would cost less to make your own out of two whole Strongarms which would use more plastic, wouldn't it?.

What do you think?


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