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Sunday, 2 November 2014

A better look at the Cyclone Shock box art

The Cycloneshock is making me weak at the knees. We've already seen pictures of it now thanks to Baidu and Taobao. We've seen the box art too but it was a thumbnail, now, I have a better photo of the box!

More after jump.

So here is the first image I found.

Now, thanks to Baidu user Longtuoai, we can get a better look at it.

There are a few things I've noticed about this box. Firstly, it's an XD (eXtra Distance) blaster.

So the range claim on the box looks to be in metres. Looks like 27m which works out to 88 feet. XD hasn't proven to be more than some extra ink on a box so far, and it doesn't look like the trend has stopped with this box either. However, we really have no base to compare this blaster to because, there was no non-XD variant.

Something else I've noticed.

The slide is dark grey in the promo photo. The model also appears to lack the arm strength required to hold a plastic toy gun with one hand. The colour of the slide matches the colour in the image showing the 2015 blasters.

Well, there you go. Enjoy.

~ Rob

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