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Friday, 21 November 2014

CycloneShock, the blaster that keeps on giving!

I've owned the CycloneShock for a few weeks now and I'd like to share some observations with you. Spoiler, they're all good!

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I was mucking about with the CycloneShock the other day. I found another box of springs and was seeing which, if any, could fit. Either as a replacement or as a second. After finding that, so far, the best spring as an addition is a Rampage/Retaliator/EAT spring. I decided to put the blaster back together. As I did, I noticed how close the plunger tube was to the cylinder.

After the CycloneShock was back together, I tested the plunger to cylinder seal.


It was so close to perfect it didn't make a difference! I then thought "nah, I was pushing on the dart chamber when I sealed it with my finger", so I got an eraser, cut it down into a plug, plugged up the aluminium dart chamber and tried again. This time, I didn't hold my finger on it. SAME RESULT!

Now, it's not 100% perfect, give it long enough, the plunger will return to the resting position. But it is still the best plunger to cylinder seal I've ever seen. EVER!

Then, I thew the Mega darts it came with into the pile with the rest of the darts I have, one of them landed next to a Centurion/Magnus dart, and the colour was different. It was also a tad shorter.

The darts that came with the CycloneShock were also a different code too!

If you've ever had experience with E code darts before (think Elite Rayven Stinger) you'll know that they are a firmer compound than other codes of dart.

I noticed the foam and the heads are more firm as well. Whether this is to do with the fact these are new darts or not is unknown yet. But, the dart wall is 0.5mm thicker on the CycloneShock darts than it is on the older darts.

I am so in love with the CycloneShock. Firing Megas and Elites, it does both really well. And these new discoveries are the pitted cherry on the whipped cream.

~ Rob

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