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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mega Cycloneshock vs Mega Magnus

It was going to happen sooner or later. Here are the ranges and Chrony data comparing a stock Magnus and Cycloneshock.

Lets start with the range tests. The darts I used were not new, but had only been used once or twice before. The extra spring I put in my Magnus was removed,so it performs on par with other orange trigger Magni (I made the word up).

As you can see, out of 12 shots each, the Cycloneshock performed 18% better than the Magnus, this contradicts my initial observations. And I'm OK with that. But, what was really interesting was the Chrony readings.

The Magnus had a higher muzzle velocity than the Cycloneshock.

Allow me to illustrate my theory on a fake blackboard in Comic-sans.

But, I might be wrong.

So there you have it. In spite of having a lower FPS, the Cycloneshock still has a higher range than the Magnus.




  1. The results make sense, given the higher speeds. Air resistance increases equal to the square of the proportionate increase in velocity. In other words, if you double the velocity, you quadruple the friction, and thus you get more resistance. Thus, your 70 fps (muzzle velocity) blaster might have a far lower effective velocity.

    I calculate the effective velocity, not the muzzle velocity, on my blasters.

    Maniacal Coyote
    Nothin' Foam

    p.s. What's the big deal about Comic Sans? As long as it's not Wingdings, I'm fine with it.

  2. How about the accuracy between the 2?

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