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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Narrowbase LLC Holiday Sale and new thingy! Woot!

Narrowbase make great stuff, and now they make great stuff for less cash!

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I love Narrowbase stuff. Solid, well designed. I can't fault their wares! For a review watch this!

I've used their products in several wars now and can honestly say. BUY THEIR STUFF! It's so good!

Firstly, the details for their Holiday sale! It starts on Black Friday (Nov 28th) and goes through to Cyber Monday (Dec 1st). You'll get 10% off all items in the shopping cart. Sale order will start to ship on Monday December 8th.


Use the code HOLIDAY2014 to get the discount. No code, no discount.

But wait, there's more. It's a new thing!

It'll be available in time for the start of the sale and is named after the loveable BFU from Bay Area Nerf. It's rail mounted and called the NMAG-BFUS selling for US$12.99. I have an early version of this and it is fantastic! There is also the Picatinny Rail Adapter selling for just US$4.99.

If you use a molle chest rig or an ammo belt like myself, Narrowbase has you covered.

I know, this post reads like a commercial. But I'm just a fan of their work and want to spread the awesome, I'm not benefiting from this post in any way (which, saying that, does make it sound like I am, but I'm not) I genuinely believe in their products. Don't believe me? Well, buy one of their belt mounted clip holders and find out for yourself.

~ Rob

PS. I'm really really not benefiting from this post in any way.

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