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Friday, 7 November 2014

Rebelle Secret Shot and Zombiestrike Dreadshot

So the Rebelle Secret Shot leaked recently and the concept art had it in pink. Then we saw it in purple. And now there is a light-up Zombistrike blaster.

More after boing.

Credit goes to Darren Booth for these finds. Secret Shots first.

These pics are from Baidu user Longtouai.

The box art is obviously Photoshopped from pink to purple variations. The model is "of ethnic heritage" is probably as most politically correct as I can put it. The model has the blaster folded up and placed under her arm because that's how hand bags work. However, calling it the "Secret Shot" when it has great big Nerf logos on the side is a little redundant. It's also the third blaster to get the Secret Shot name, remember these?

And now we have the Super Soaker Zombiestrike Dreadshot.

Note the caricature firing the blaster with one hand? This is good because it means it might be air powered! But closer inspection of the box shows that it requires batteries. So it might be motor driven. But, another look at the box reveals that the reservoir glows (top right). These things lead me to two conclusions.
1. It's air powered and only needs the battery to light up the tank
2. It needs batteries for the lighting up the tank and for shooting the water

This is also the first Zombiestrike Super Soaker to get it's own design, all we've had so far were these.

I quite like the design of the Dreadshot, and if the illustrated jets of water are any indicator of it's discharge rate, it should be good for soaking. I think the name 'Dreadshot' would've been better suited on a dart blaster though. Maybe a dedicated Zombiestrike Mega blaster.

What are your thoughts?

~ Rob


  1. Fourth Secret Shot, actually-- you're forgetting that tiny air blaster with the button on the top.


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