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Saturday, 8 November 2014

REVIEW: Nerf Mega Cycloneshock

This is a blaster I've been waiting for for so long. Since I saw the 2015 blaster leak pic, I wanted it, it had to be mine! And I have one!

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Firstly, I LOVE the looks. The hard lines resemble the Maverick's and it's big and red! It looks like Hellboy's Samaritan. It's a front loading revolver type blaster, the cylinder doesn't drop out to the side, but I'm ok with that because it works for the Hammershot.

The first thing you notice is it's size. Imagine a Maverick the size of a Magnus and you're on the right path. The handle is comfy and the hand guard is a good size unlike the Crossfire Bow's.

The blaster gets good ranges and there is no excessive muscle required to prime this blaster. The Cylinder will advance on the prime as apposed to on the trigger pull like the Maverick.

The large handle is really nice to hold and the large primer gives you a lot to hang on to when pulling it back. While I did notice it was front heavy it was no more than a Stryfe with a 6 clip in it.


It has a high degree of bad-arsery about it and whenever I hold it, my wedding potatoes increase in size, IT'S THAT MANLY!

There is no slam-fire function but to be honest, I wasn't expecting it for a blaster this size. I don't use slam-fire in any of my blasters anyway. There are a lot of elements from other blasters in the Cycloneshock. Like the Hammershot, the cylinder advances on the prime and it's a fixed cylinder. Like the Strongarm, it uses a priming slide and it's a six shooter.

When compared to a stock Magnus (I had to take the extra spring out of mine) It performs as close to as to not really make any difference. But If I had to be specific, I'd say the Magnus is a tiny bit better. This is due to the plunger-to-cylinder foam seal that does allow some air to leak.

Other than that, what else can I say? I love this thing SOOOOOOOO MUCH! Definitely my new favorite blaster. I'm one of the few advocates that the Mega Line has and while I can say the start was quite iffy, the Magnus and now the Cycloneshock have more than made up for it.

As soon as it becomes available BUY IT!

1. it's big
2. it's red
3. it's comfy
4. MEGA!!!!
5. not tiny hand guard
6. easy to prime
7. intimidating
8. good ranges

1. will be difficult to holster
2. reloading in a hurry might be troublesome

~ Rob


  1. HowdoigetoneHowdoigetoneHowdoigetoneHowdoigetoneHowdoigetoneHowdoigetoneHowdoigetone... please?

  2. nice magnus...
    Awesome cycloneshock!

  3. I take it you got the cycloneshock from amazon, did customs give you any problems?. I'm thinking of getting a nerf blaster from the United States because I feel would be wasting money if I bought one here

    1. So if we can buy them from the United States with no problems from customs then why can't they simply be sold in toy stores instead of the gray trigger models which are overpriced and complete wastes of money. Does the government not like the idea of Australian Nerfers getting the real blasters in bulk


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