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Thursday, 25 December 2014

2014 Nerf Year In Retrospect

Well, it's Christmas (as I'm writing this) and it's about this time of year when we think about the year behind us. So lets think about Nerf in 2014 and have a look at all that's happened.

The Nerf year started for me on a high note after deciding to comeback. I announced my departure because my personal life was getting a bit crazy and I was getting less and less time for any hobby, not just Nerf.

Soon after my return I was interviewed... me, interviewed, umm, ok! Then we learnt of the Mega Thunderbow from who else but My Last Dart. Two days alter we learnt of the Demolisher from the Prop Weapons Co-op.

Both blasters received a sordid welcome into the hobby. After time with them though, the Demolisher has been welcomed with open arms while the Mega Thunderbow still pines for many of our hearts, we also got the Slingfire which has been accepted as a fun blaster but not practical. But between my return and the Thunderbow, we lost the Nerf blog that started it all, Nerf Mods and Reviews (NMR). Coop772 also announced his departure from NIC as well.

There was the London Toy Fair and then I made a triple springed Centurion and conceded defeat. A few days later we learnt (via Engadget) of the Cam ECS-12. We were told the the specs for the camera were for the prototype blaster and that it could be full or semi automatic, but that wasn't decided at the time. We later learnt that the camera's specs would be the same as the prototype's and when we learnt the price, just about everyone started hating it. A LOT!

In February it was becoming more apparent that Nerf had decided to bring the Vortex line to an end and several retailers pulled all Vortext listings from their websites. Even the recoloured Vortex blasters are hard to find now and I'm pretty sure what we do see on shelves are leftover stock.

Then we learnt from the New York Toy Fair that Rebelle would be getting a sub-line, Secrets and Spies. Included are a streamlined Stryfe, and many many bow style blasters. Also a girly version of Andu's Triadstrike suspiciously soon after Andu made it too.

We also caught a glimpse of the hit-registering shield that can be attached to your blaster, TekStrike, to my knowledge, no-one as yet seen these in stores yet. There was also a small Israeli company making a product call SNIPE that would have you shooting darts are your tablet, but with all the "events" in that part of the world, they've closed up shop and have yet to announce a return and it has been several months now.

March was a pretty slow month after the crackdown in security at the Nerf factories in China. But I was able to get some info from Hasbro about the Elite XD colour scheme. April wasn't much different from March, BOOMco from Mattel became a thing, we were excited for about 5 minutes. Like with most new blaster brands, it was the ammo that killed it. We also got the white Maverick and the orange Nitrfinder, their colours matching their Elite XD counterparts.

But Coop772 announced his comeback after a three month hiatus so that was good.

In may, things started to look up. Baidu gave us pics of the Slingfire's internals and we got first wind of the Zombiestrike Roughcuts. And there was dart storage in shoes too. We got a good look at the Doublestrike thanks to and a few others too.

But probably the biggest news of May was Lord Draconical's return to NIC after a three month unannounced hiatus. And the Zombiestrike Longshot!

June like so many other months was slow. We heard about the Zombistrike Magnus 2-pack and Target USA listed the Cam ECS-12 on their website and no-one seemed to care.

In July I made a full-auto Centurion (never do that by the way), we got the Rebelle and Zombistrike mobile games.

But perhaps the biggest news of the month (in more ways than one) was the announcement of the Rhino Fire. But it didn't end there, there was the Sonic Ice Centurion nine months after pics of the shell on the factory floor were leaked, the white stripe XD Rapidstrike and the fifteen dart banana mags.

Nothing happened in August, but September more than made up for it with the leaked image of the Nerf 2015 blasters! It also showed that, ever after all this time, Urban Taggers can still get the goods! Soon after, images of the CycloneShock and Big Shot popped up on Baidu. So, umm, about that factory security crackdown?

October was ok too with the FlipFury briefly popping up on, and we learnt about Mega XD with this pic. And X-Shot Bug Attack with this from Blasterlabs.

And for the first time in... ever, us Aussies saw Nerf melees on store shelves in the form of the Zombistrike Machete.

November saw the re-emergence of the Secret Shot name in the Rebelle line. I also reviewed the CycloneShock and was not disappointed. I also received an incredibly cool gift from Nerfenstein and we got a good look at the new Crossbolt and Slingstrike.

December is not yet finished but we did see the Sharpfire box and the and noticed the absence of the Elite banner from the N-Strike shield.

That's about it from me, been a hectic few months but studies are over now and with some of next year's blaster yet to be seen or released, I am so keen to see what is in store for us.

~ Rob

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