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Thursday, 11 December 2014

N-Strike Sharpfire Box... yes N-Strike, not Elite

This is an interesting development. After we were told that the Blazin' Bow would be the last new N-Strike blaster. We've just been given the second since then.

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So the Mega Big Shock (giant red jolt) turned heads for one reason, the absence of the Elite banner.

And when RandomShadow did the range test for the grey trigger version, it was pretty sub-standard, even for a grey trigger version.

Now, with the revealed Sharpfire box art (thanks to we notice another absence of the Elite banner.

So. After "We won't make any more" it's "Oh hey, we made more"? This isn't the first time Hasbro have said something and did the thing they said they wouldn't do. They said "No more vortex" but there are numerous disc launchers available in the Zombiestrike line. Granted, not very good ones and not Vortex labeled. But, they're there.

I think I know the answer to this riddle though. Take a look at the meat of the blaster. The bit that makes the dart fire. On both, it's essentially the same design. That is, the Jolt's design. And the Jolt is an N-Strike blaster. And a Jolt by any other name is still a Jolt :(

Stop it Hasbro.

So rather than just recolour the Jolt, now they're completely redesigning it? It's still a Jolt in spirit though, you can't fool us Hasbro. We know what you're doing. So, does this mean we're going to be seeing more blasters with the Jolt plunger design? Emblazoned with the N-Strike shield sans Elite banner? If so, I would want to talk to the person that came up with that idea. I want to hear the reasoning behind the "lets make new blasters with old plunger designs and release them alongside better blasters for the same price" idea.

I do like the aesthetics though. Very Star Wars-esque.

What are your thoughts.

~ Rob


  1. i love the way the blaster looks. I am puzzled by the stock though. It looks like it is straight out of borderlands. Pistols with stocks! YAY!

  2. A rifle-esque blaster should get better ranges than this "non-Elite-branded" Sharpshot we're getting. I'm a bit annoyed if these end up being sub-par to what we have come to expect from Nerf in terms of performance and range.

  3. The reason being is because it has the exact same internals as the nerf jolt... An n strike gun

  4. I will be quite disappointed if the blaster can't perform like the single shot blasters we are used to. (i.e. Firestrike, Sidestrike, etc.) That said, much like Rob, I like the aesthetics. As a painter and prop maker, I'm not going to complain when Hasbro puts out an interesting shell.

  5. This is already available in Singapore for SGD$29.90

  6. Yay! It's the new SHARPFIRE (not SHARPSHOT). Even if performance is a bit subpar, it's a pretty cool looking blaster, modders will have at it..., and we will get both a new stock and barrel extension. Have to give Hasbro a little credit for at least making some new molds. this time.

  7. I hate how lazy is Hasbro. They are downgrading their products. Please, no n-strike anymore. Today's elite range standard has moved to 90 feet. No more Jolt. No more n-strike. Hasbro won't get any money from these crappy 40 feet blasters. C'MON!! More Elite blaster. Upgrade the ranges, New design. Do it Hasbro.

  8. The nerf flipfury is listed on the website! Not sure if this is news or not :)


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