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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

2015, Year of the Uber Blaster

For about nine months now I've been hearing rumours of a "Domin8r" blaster. And today, thanks to, I think it's just been revealed. But that wasn't the only big thing Hasbro revealed this week.

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I hate my time zone, really hate my time zone. It seems like all the good stuff gets announced while I'm asleep. When I woke up this morning, my inbox was full of emails about this.

The Zombiestrike Doominator. Whether this is the Domin8r blaster I caught wind of nine months ago is anyone's guess. But I think it's safe to say it is.

There are four, six dart cylinders on a dolly that is advanced with the lever with the two finger holes in it. Priming is done via the vertical pump-grip at the front that looks like a recycled screw driver handle. It'll retail for USD39.99 but will most likely be far more expensive in Australia when it comes out with a grey trigger. I predict AUD70+, maybe even AUD80.

For the styling, it looks OK and has that Zombistrike junkyard punk 'look what I made mum' look about it. and appears to be quite large too.

Bobololo had this to say:

Where to start with this thing? It's big and it looks ridiculous. I guess Nerf finally realized the best kill is overkill and told its engineers to have fun and go crazy. Let's hope the ranges and insides look as good as it does on the outside. Seriously, WTF.

But, as good as it looks, I have my reservations about it. Firstly, the shoulder stock, or lack there of. The vertical fore-grip, should be angled slightly for easier priming and comfort. The large gap between the plunger and the cylinder. And lastly, the cylinder dolly rotation mech. The Flipfury's only has to rotate two cylinders and it requires some force to make it work. This has four cylinders to rotate. There will be more momentum in it too, so will it have a nice solid click when it locks in or will it be more like the Hailfire? Advance to the next clip and it'll stay in place, sort of.

This comes out during the Aussie spring in USA, we might see it before or at christmas.

And it'll be bringing a friend as well, say "please don't hurt me" to the Mega Roto Fury

The first thing I notice about this image is Photoshop, Photoshop everywhere! But if the production version looks 90% like this image, I'll still be happy. This will hold ten Mega darts and have slam-fire! That makes me weak at the knees.

It'll sell for USD34.99 but expect the grey trigger version to sell for about... I want to say AUD85, that sounds about right. It looks very much like the April fools blaster Tactical tag fooled us with last year.

There is a lack of detailing on this blaster, but, it is a Photoshop mock up, any changes between this and the final version I'm hoping will be for the better, like an angled fore-grip. When I pump my Hydrocannon my wrist starts to ache and I put that down to the fore-grip, so... I can hope.

My biggest worry with this one is the dart drum. If you've ever primed a Revonix 360 you'll know what I mean. I'm really hoping the drum advances on the prime like the CycloneShock and locks into place nicely with minimal to no wiggle room. Also in this picture, the trigger looks, thin. And the fore-grip appears to jammed halfway, symptoms of the dreaded half-prime lock perhaps?

I'm a sucker for big blasters and I am looking forward to these, I just hope that my hopes aren't crushed like they where for the Centurion.


Thanks to Reddit user Oldschooltommy for this one, massive list of yet to be announced blasters.

~ Rob


  1. Excitement overload! Finally we can buy individual attachments to make our blasters tacticool! Can't wait to see high res pictures of the modulus and the incinerator! Yaaay

  2. Wait, what? A Nerf flamethrower? Is this still the year 2015?.


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