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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Elite Crossbolt, two jam doors?

Target USA listed the Crossbolt on their website recently and in the promo photos I noticed something interesting. More after jump.

Hilarious pic spam!

Something that's interested me for some time is the top of the blaster. It appears as though there are two jam doors. I dismissed this thought as "nah, it's just a bit or orange for coolness" but with Targets listing and the humorous photos, we get this view.

At the front of the orange piece (under the primer) it looks like a hinge. So... does the Crossbolt have two jam doors, if so, why? Why kind of mechanism requires two jam doors? Or am I seeing things?

Does this mean that the Crossbolt's mechanism is needlessly complicated? Will it be hard to modify? Hard to open? Hard to put back together? Who knows? The listed price is USD24.99, I'm expecting double that when it comes to Australia. Commencing sad face.

I guess we'll have to wait until some lucky person get's their hands on one before we find out. But, it's still a contender for the best looking blaster of 2015 in my books. Until the Berserker comes out, then that will be the best looking blaster of 2015.

~ Rob


  1. Those pictures though! The clip is closer to the stock than I could tell from the original picture.

  2. Also that sling attachment point on the back is awful, you probably can't shoulder it comfortably with a sling on it.

  3. After watching the Smyths Toy video. I think it might be because there are 2 different areas where the dart can jam. The clip feed area, and the chambered area. At 0:25 in the video you can see the dart chambered almost directly under the front Jam Door

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