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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Leyuan/Zecong Toys at it again

Ever seen a knock off that you wanted yo buy just to see how it compares to the original. Yeah, me too. So these knock offs will be bad for our wallet then.


Good ole Leyuan. Not only do they knock off Nerf, but BuzzBee as well. It doesn't seem as though anyone is safe. Their latest targets, the Sweet Revenge, Hammershot and Heartbreaker bow.

This one looks like an Elite Sci-Fi Hammershot. I'm ok with this, if performance is on par with the Hammershot, then count me sold.

Now their taking a stab at the Heartbreaker bow too. It is effectively identical to Nerf's original. The dart holder holds more darts though

With this one, I'm not sure where to start. It looks like a flower. But, it looks like a fish with a can of beetroot in it's mouth. But it also looks like... other things. The phoenix pattern on the side is a straight up copy of Nerf's too. But this mould design is begging for googley eyes.

In other news, Awesomely Nerf found this.

It's called the Doubledown. This wasn't on the 2015 blaster leak image, which makes me wonder how much more is on there that we don't know about.

I like it, I think singled, the performance would be fantastic. Uses a Jolt style plunger though and notice the grey trigger, that's because...

... it's N-Strike, not Elite. Will this never end?!?! Hasbro, you said the Blazin-Bow would be the last N-Strike blaster. You said it a year ago, and now, THIS?

Keep this up Hasbro, and I'll have to vent in a rant post.

So, the double down, it looks as though it separates. The plunger and handle look like they snap together to me. They might be permanently attached. But, just looking at the photos, it looks like it separates. The argument for it being permanently fixed is, in what other configuration would the plunger and handle go together?

Welp. That's it for now. What do you think of the knock-offs? Leave a comment.

~ Rob


  1. That hammershot copy looks awesome, hope the performance is good. Shame on hasbro

  2. I'm mildly tempted to track down one of those Sweet Revenge knock offs and paint it to look like Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.

  3. As for that Double down, I'd say that was more of a Nite finder or Fire strike plunger configuration. Also just wait a while and Hasbro will repaint and repackage it as an elite and then you will want yo buy it :)

  4. Yeah, i probably going the "Elite Sci-Fi Hammershot". It's look to cool.

  5. Personally if zecong toys is copying nerf the least thing they can do is improve on the blaster copies themselves such as further ranges,more ammo capacity and ergonomics and presentation.


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