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Monday, 5 January 2015

Rebelle 4Victory on

It's a Triad, with four chambers and a hammer style prime... colour me interested.

More after boing.

I first saw pics of this blaster on Baidu. From memory, I think there are two colour variants (or I'm thinking of something else), here's one of them.

Selling for as close to USD15 as to not make any difference. The 4Victory is exactly what it looks like. It looks to use the same four pot smart AR module as the Secret Strike and Strongheart. This particular release comes with twelve darts instead of the regular four. Whether the twelve dart release variant is a Target exclusive or not is unknown.

And here is a less blurry photo of the box.

The holster is pretty sweet, would've been better with some dart holders on it. I think they were going with a more streamlined feminine look as apposed to something more practical. I can see this blaster getting a Zombiestrike repaint and maybe a slight reshell. I want that to happen and when I have time I might Photoshop one into existence.

It would seem as though Rebelle is off to a good start to the year. Sure, there have been "those blasters" (i.e. Slingstrike) but no line or brand is without those. I want to see Rebelle Mega blasters though. That would be awesome.

~ Rob

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