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Thursday, 1 January 2015

There's just something about bullpups

It started with the Firefly. Bullpup blasters, there's just something about them isn't there. Lets think about what that 'thing' might be.

Firstly, Happy 2015!!!

I'm probably going to think about this way more than I need to. But I think it's worth the time thinking about. They do seem to have a following in the NIC. Even though the long internal barrel on the Rayven does reduce performance a little, more people will ask if they can borrow my Elite Rayven more than any other of my loaner blasters.

When asked about bullpups, Lord Draconical had this to say;
"Bullpup blasters have a superior ergonomic profile for a lightweight and fast playstyle, they afford me high mobility in a small package and the Rayven in particular allows for quick reloading while keeping things tight to my body and allowing me to do so while remaining in virtually any cover, as well as the ability to fire from that cover."

There are better blasters out there and for less than an Rayven too. The Stryfe offers the same goods as the Rayven and for cheaper. Clip fed, semi-auto, flywheel. Both take four AA batteries (technically cells but let's not discuss that now) and can be dual wielded with relative ease. And despite the Rayven being more expensive, I want one more than I want a Stryfe and I don't know why.

Could it be because bullpup firearms just look cool? Like the P90, popularised by the Stargate SG-1 TV series.

Or the FN-F2000 that looks like a bit like a shark.

The Rayven's trigger pull isn't as smooth as the Stryfe's either. It could be compared to the DeLorean. not too great, but people love it. But unlike the DeLorean, I can't recall a famous bullpup firearm from a movie, their popularity seemed to just... emerge. For no particular reason. The Longshot's popularity is down to two main things, the size of the plunger and the amount of things you can do to them. You know, actual reasons.

Jay Nerf had this to say;
"They're comfortable to use, and they look super cool! I've seen some recent posts on Nerf Modders Welcome of some super cool bullpup designs. There's something super comfortable about using the Rayven. And from my experience, there's a better trigger pull (once modified). It's just a sturdy design that's fun to use."

I like bullpups, I wouldn't say I love them but I do like them. It's not looks. As far as blasters go, the Rayven is pretty average. There is nothing that stands out about it aesthetically. Look at the Longstrike, it looks cool, but is one of the worst blasters around and very very few like it. Could it be that the clip loads behind the handle? This isn't the norm for clip/mag fed blasters, it's different, it breaks away from tradition, almost rebellious. Is it because of an inner desire within all of us to be different from the norm, to be individual... to be different that we love bullpups? Is it just because humans are very irrational things and even though, better things come along, we still like it?

Like me for example. I love old cars. The new ones are faster, handle better, more comfortable, more extras, but I would take a 1965 Alfa Romeo Guilia GT2000 Sprint over any of their new stuff any day. From a logical stand point, that's not smart. One of these second hand will sell for $30k, you can buy a brand new car for that. I'm not the only one that thinks that way either.

I knew there a select few that liked bullpups, but it wasn't until this image emerged from the internerf that I realised how big a following they had.

And we got our first look at the newest bullpup, the Crossbolt.

Then it hit me. Look at this thing. Just look at it. It looks awesome. The looks of previous bullpups didn't really interest me too much, yeah, they looked cool. But this one looks fantastic. Despite the fact that it's a stringer. I want one. It'll probably be expensive too, and I don't care. GIMME GIMME GIMME!

Lets attribute the bullpups popularity to the X factor, and no, I don't mean that sorry excuse for a talent show on TV. I mean X as in an unknown variable or factor. The one unknown thing about it that makes us all love it so much. Despite it faults.

Or I'm wrong, you decide.

~ Rob


  1. Happy new year!! SBNC. BTW, I think bullpup design is great too. I mean, aesthetically. Crossbolt even makes me have more interesting in it. But, I found that it's not comfortable to me. I think it reduced my mobility. I like SMG style better than these :P.

  2. Hi Rob!
    Bull pups may look pretty, but I prefer my mag out in front, where my off hand can release it and drop it into my dump pouch then pop another in whilst I maintain my trigger grip and position with my dominant hand. The battery box on the Rayven is also in a horrible spot where it presses into your wrist, plus the stock is too short. I defy any Rayven user to be able to get the same ROF and flexibility as a proper Rapidstrike.
    I liked your bullpup thing with the Longshot stock as a mod though, just wouldn't use one myself.

  3. Happy new year! I loove bullpups! I wanted to say that my favourite one is defenitely the P90, even though it isn't really a bullpup clipfed. It has also been made popular in the game CSGO, though I'm not sure if you have seen that game. I think that the magstrike would have been a good blaster too try and convert to a p 90 if you fixed the whoole air pump shebang!

  4. P90s are mag fed, also I find it funny that both the real weapon examples you chose are made by FN, I also can name the mortise assault rifle from starship troopers as an iconic movie Bullpup, though not as reknown as things like the m41a pulse rifle, and finally I love bullpups because they're different.

  5. Why does the Crossbolt have so many pipes/tubes under the nozzle/tip of the barrel?

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