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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Where I've been for almost a month

It's funny how fast time can go by when you're preoccupied with other things. At the start of the month I changed jobs and had to focus on that, so the blog took a back seat for a while. I changed industries from IT to Digital Marketing and had some stuff to learn. And, there were other things.

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After about two weeks, I decided to do a post, but, my home internet died out. I called my ISP and notified them of the fault and what had caused it (rain), they said it'd be a week before someone will be able to look at it, cue angry face.

After 11 days, I still had no internet. I called the ISP again, and was informed that I'd need to wait 24 hours for an investigation to be done, as to why nothing had not yet been done. I waited. 24 hours pass and no call. I let 90 additional minutes slip by. I used to work in a call center environment so I understand the unpredictable nature of the job, but, I've never been 90 minutes late for a call back, EVER! When I called, I unleashed hell on the poor support person on the other end and was then informed that my case would then need to be escalated to tier 2, which, at the time, were closed. I'd need to wait, until the next day.

Urge to kill, rising.

Accepting that there is nothing that could be done at that moment, I agree to wait, and notify them that I'd only be available at or after 6pm. 8:30pm, still no phone call from the ISP.

Rage mode activated.

I call the ISP and the recorded voice tells me there will be a 30 minute wait for an advisor. The only thing that stopped me from yelling a rainbow of profanity was the fact that my kids were asleep. The advisor answers and my first words are, "Put me through to tier 2 now!" So they did. I'm on hold for 10 minutes. At this point, my anger has transcended violent outbursts, mushroom clouds of profanity, and punching old ladies. I was eerily calm, like I blew an anger fuse.

I tell the tier 2 guy what's going on, what has happened and how I was so angry I could make The Hulk look like a spoiled fat kid sitting in a shopping trolley at the super market screaming for a Milky Way. He tells me that someone actually did come to my house and did work on the lines one week after I made the first call. "It's still broken mate". He runs a test on the line. "Yes, I can see you still have a fault there."

Well I'm glad I called you then! Not having home phone or internet wasn't enough evidence to determine the existence of a fault. I had to call you, and have you run a test, and then, it's a fuggin fault?!?! Well alleluia! I'm converting from science to religion, because there had to have been an almighty power, ruling on high, that caused our lives to intersect, just so you can tell me what I already know!

My line, is faulty.

"One moment sir, I'll book the technician for you as soon as possible". On hold, again. "Ok sir, the soonest I can book the technician will be two days from now".

That was yesterday. The technician comes tomorrow, between the hours of 8am and noon. And I have to stay at home in case the techie needs to get inside my house. Which means unpaid time off, already, three weeks into a new job.

And that, is what has been happening with me.

~ Rob


  1. Wow! How did you manage to post this? On your phone?
    I can feel your rage across the Pacific!

  2. Your rage is heating my kitchen!
    Time to change providers methinks?

  3. I took a bit of a hiatus this month, but not from internet problems. Man, that's frustrating. Hope things are on the UP for you DOWN under!

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