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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Modulus & Rotofury Release Dates?

OK! I'm back from the sans-internet void! For this, I'd like to thank my ISP for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! THREE DAMN WEEKS! NATIONS HAVE BEEN FORGED IN THAT TIME!

Now that's out of my system, Modulus info!


So I was browsing my bookmarks list of good leads and I came across what appear to be release dates (or in-stock dates for a wholesaler, don't know yet) and product info for the Modulus and The Arrowtech Auto Quiver Bow (what a name!). Let's get into the Modulus stuff first.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Modulus ECS10 Blaster

Build your own blaster! Build over 30 different combinations to customize your blaster for every battle and every mission. The motorized blaster comes with a precision scope, a drop-down grip, a stock with integrated clip storage, a dual-rail barrel to attach additional gear from the Upgrade Kits (sold separately), a 10-dart banana clip, and 10 darts.


SKU: B1538

Nerf N-Strike Elite Modulus Strike N Defend Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your blaster so you’re prepared for any battle situation! The stock easily converts to a blaster to give you a secret stash of extra firepower whenever you need it. Attach the blast shield to bolster your defense as you continue your attack.


SKU: B1536

Nerf N-Strike Elite Modulus Stealth OPS Upgrade Kit
Upgrade your blaster for an undercover mission! Silently line up your shot with the electronic, red-dot sight. Add the close-quarters barrel so your target doesn’t suspect you’re nearby until you fire. Steady your aim with the folding drop-grip.


SKU: B1535

Nerf N-Strike Elite Modulus Flip Clip Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your blaster with a 24-dart flip-clip! Gear up with plenty of darts in one clip to quickly reload your blaster and keep on firing. Unleash a barrage of 12 darts then with the flip of a clip, fire 12 more! Includes clip with 24 Elite darts.


SKU: B1534

Nerf N-Strike Elite Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your blaster to perfect your long-distance aim! Look through the long-range scope to line up your target with greater precision. Use the folding bi-pod to steady your shot. Attach the long barrel to customize your blaster for long-distance targeting.


SKU: B1537

No word on prices yet but if THESE PRICES are anything to go by, they won't be cheap. I am looking forward to them though, it'll be interesting to see what modders do with them.

Next up... Mega Rotofury

Mega has a crap start. It didn't just stumble at the starting line, it tripped over face first, onto dog poop, that was on a land mine, that opened a deep fischer, that it then fell into, and landed softly at the bottom... in lava.

BUT! They kinda turned things around with the Magnus and for a long while those were the only two Mega blasters we had, until the Big Shock & CycloneShock. Now, there is the Rotofury.

Unleash the rapid-fire fury of the Mega RotoFury blaster! This long-range blaster can launch your darts up to 90 feet. Who will withstand your attack when you can fire up to 10 Mega Whistler Darts at your target with the rotating drum without reloading? The Whistler Darts will scream through the air as you dominate the battlefield with the rapid-firing Mega RotoFury blaster!


SKU: B1269

I'm so so ssssoooooo looking forward to this big red behemoth

And to finish off, the Nerf Rebelle Arrowtech Auto Quiver Bow

Take charge with this ultra-realistic bow that gives you the size, action, and speed to dominate the mission! Fast fire 6 whistling arrows with the highest-capacity, furthest-firing Nerf Rebelle bow yet. Load 6 arrows into drum. Rotating quiver loads arrow after each shot. Pull trigger to turn quiver and drop arrow into arrow bay. Then draw back and release arrow to fire. Pull trigger to load next arrow.


SKU: B1696

That's it for now, it's currently stupid o'clock and time to go to bed.

~ Rob


  1. Welcome back Rob. I don't know if You've seen this video yet but there is a lot of 2015 Nerf info in it. I hope the link is right. cheers

  2. These release dates are pretty early considering their tradition of trying to release almost everything on Sep 9th.


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