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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Modulus & Doominator box art (non fuzzy)

The Modulus and Doominator are two of the big three blasters we can expect this year. So far we've seen blurred and fuzzy video stills and photos of the boxes, until now.

More after jump.

Lets start with the modulus.

In case you've forgotten, the description for the Modulus goes:

Build your own blaster! Build over 30 different combinations to customize your blaster for every battle and every mission. The motorized blaster comes with a precision scope, a drop-down grip, a stock with integrated clip storage, a dual-rail barrel to attach additional gear from the Upgrade Kits (sold separately), a 10-dart banana clip, and 10 darts.

We also get images of the Stealth OPS Kit.

And the Long Range Kit.

And now onto the Doominator.

This angle gives us a better look at the front of the plunger tube, we can even see it's foam seal.

And the character on the box art looks like he's holding a large handle or he just has tiny hands.


Take aim against the zombie invasion with the ZombieStrike Doominator blaster! Load the four 6-dart drums with ZombieStrike darts and fire away to keep the zombies at bay. Once you’ve emptied one cylinder, pull the flip-trigger to flip to the next drum and to unleash 24 darts in a row! Comes with 24 ZombieStrike darts.

The best way I can describe this is, conjoined Flipfury twins.

So there they are. Originally I was only interested in the Rotofury, but, these two are starting to grow on me in their own derpy way.

What are your thoughts?

~ Rob


  1. Any information on release date for the modulus? suspense is killing me

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