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Monday, 8 June 2015

DOOM LANDS, Nerf's New Cyber-Western Line

This has been theorised about by myself, Bazookafied and Random Shadow. But now I can confirmed the existence of a NEW Nerf Line!

More after boing.

Thanks to reader Cody Helms for the tip off!

The only image of the logo is fairly small, but here it is anyway.

And here is a higher res version I quickly Photoshopped.

I originally though it was a Zombistrike blaster, then I thought it wasn't, then (thanks to Google Translate) thought it was again, now we know it's not. And we know of two blasters that are already in it.

This one.

And this one.

What I also want to see in this line is a revolver that isn't a Hammershot reshell (probably will be though), a bolt action (but not really bolt action) blaster and something that looks like Vash's Long Colt (Trigun).

I know long barrels are bad for range. I don't care, this would look awesome if done correctly. I've also found some new Rebelle accessories that I've not seen before but can't be bothered blogging about. (see the video if interested)

There is also a new set for Rebelle that includes a Jolt sized holster. Because I hate it when I can't fit my jolt in my pockets. Now, I don't have to worry anymore!

It's a solution to a problem no-one has.

So there you have it, rumors of a western line were right. I like the name "Doom Lands" sounds dark and violent. And if you look at the logo, there is even a year on it, 2169.

Cyber-western dystopian future for the win!

~ Rob


  1. Yee cyber haw! Off to ride my cyber horse into the sim sunset...

  2. What I hella wanna see is a Strongarm/Hammershot crossover; it would have a six-shot ejecting cylinder like the Strongarm and use a hammer like the Hammershot.

    1. That could be the Lawbringer, given the obvious "Peacemaker" hint in the name. If so it will sell buckets. The shorter length behind the cylinder in the HS, made possible by having the spring in the grip, would help make it look better proportioned, not to mention balance and holsering properties being better.

  3. Jolt holsters may be a solution to a problem that guys don't have, but the target demographic for Rebelle is females, who usually have fewer pocket options than guys do. I think it makes sense in that context. Who wouldn't want to see a sexy woman in a long red dress pull up the side to reveal a jolt-holster on her garter belt?

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