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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Doomlands 2169 Vagabond & Elite Splitstrike Internals

I love Baidu. Really love it. It doesn't take long for the images you're hoping for to be posted there. And the images I was hoping for got posted there recently.

After the jump.

Whether or not the Vagabond takes a Mega dart is looking less likely. Whether the cylinder rotates inside front housing is confirmed with the presence of an open rear end for the dart chambers. It looks to have the Strongarm's air restrictor which seems to have become the norm for revolver blasters.

If the internals look familiar, it's because they're from the Guardian Crossbow. The Vagabond is a Guardian Crossbow reshell, and I don't know why I didn't think of that before.

Several smaller pieces make up the front end of the blaster and we can that the cylinder rotates inside the housing.

The larger hole at the front seems to be larger to reduce the chances of the dart hitting anything on it's way out.

High resolution handle photos, thought it's be nice to include these.

I'm less concerned about the prime length now. Probably because it's based on the Guardian Crossbow and that performs ok. Also tells us that it'll have slamfire and the same cylinder rotation mech and same spring size.

The look is really growing on me. My concern is the slamfire, I've never had a good experience with the Guardian Crossbow's slamfire.

We also get images of the Splitstrike's internals and box.

What looks like a safety lock on the white side appears to be the release for the locks that hold the two halves together. Lefties are catered for, but as a righty, quickly unlocking this will be an issue.

The smart ARs in the front aren't anything special, pretty much the same as the Doublestrike. I want to see a Zombiestrike version of this blaster called the 'Doubletap', for various reasons.

It's nice of them to slap the XD logo on there but we know it's a lie.

This gives us a good overview of the internals, there really isn't much to see here. It's a Firestrike with a Doblestrike's smart AR. I've seen a Sidestrike with a Crossfire Crossbow's smart AR in it (can't remember who did it) and I don't expect this being much different in basic design.

That's about it for now, haven't been this busy with news for a while. It's refreshing.

~ Rob.


  1. The SplitStrike has a cool gimmick, but I think it'll be a pass for me. I think the Vagabond has promise. I too, have a thing for shotgun style blaster, as well as for revolvers. However, I'm really curious about the mysterious Lawbringer, and whatever other blasters the Doomlands line will be bringing our way. Thanks for the news, Rob.

  2. Yeah, the Vagabond probably does not fire Jumbo darts. However, are there any pictures of it with Micro darts? (Elites, streamlines, and other .50 caliber darts)
    Might it possibly fire Megas? (Not MEGAs, which are .75 caliber, but Megas, which are .625 caliber)

    With the return of true Mega darts, perhaps the "Lawbringer" will be a re-release of the legendary Nerf Crossbow.

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  4. Hi everyone ive seen the Doomlands lawbringer at target it's so overpriced like 60 dollars for a hammershot with 12 dart capacity. The darts are yellow with a black tip. The Thunderblast is also out too at Big W.

  5. anyone know the springs dimensions for the vagabond?

  6. Spring dimensions are supposed to be the same as the Strongarm, however, when trying to install an OMW 7kg strongarm spring, my vagabond won't prime. Either the lock spring is not strong enough to accommodate it or the strongarm spring is too long (it's about 1 coil longer than the stock spring). I may try to cut a coil off of it and see if it primes. It should reduce the spring tension some, but hopefully not too appreciably.

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