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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

More Vagabond Pics and Another Unannounced Blaster Revealed and The Nerf Lawbringer!

What would a Firestrike look like if it were multiplied by four and then mashed together? Keep reading to see.


Lets have a look at this.. thing. (thanks to Darren Booth for the find)

I like the looks to start with. Looks pretty cool. Two priming stalks, one trigger, four barrels in lots of two double barrel smart AR systems. Looks to fave a decent plunger too.


It's actually two blasters that clip together! This is cool, It's nice to see something new, even if it's something we would probably never use, it shows that someone, somewhere, is working to come up with new ideas. It's also good to see it in BLUE!

In this photo we can see the clips that hold it together and the supporting ribs in the handle to keep the strength when separated.

Don't know what the thought was going half white and half blue, would've been better to go all blue, but I'm not going to complain, half blue is better than no blue. I want to know the name of this blaster. I've already thought of a few:
1. Mitosis
2. Double Team
3. Double Trouble
4. Dual Strike/Fire
5. Quad Strike/Fire
6. Splitfire/Splitstrike

And thanks to my good mate Random Shadow we have the DPCI codes for the Vagabond AND another unannounced blaster, the Lawbringer.

I have talks with a few people (Random Shadow included) and we agree that what I though was a Zombiestrike blaster (Vagabond) might in-fact be the first in a new line of cyber-western blasters.

While we're talking about the Vagabond, Darren Booth also found these on Baidu.

This is not my Photoshop stitch together, this is a whole pic of the whole blaster. I wasn't far off.

A less blurry photo of the handle.

Now we get to see the left side of the blaster. Turns out, it's not clear! Instead, it's grey. Odd.

That's enough news for one morning I think (morning for me anyway), share your thoughts.

~ Rob


  1. If you are right about the Cyber-western theme, then I am very excited for that. Even if this is a one-off blaster, just think about the master's possibilities. I love everything about the vagabond so far.

  2. The Lawbringer and Vagabond certainly sound like western themes. Man, between Zombies, N-Strike Elite, Rebelle, and MEGA, I was wondering if another lineup would just clutter things up. However, if Vash the Stampede were here, he'd put his seal of approval all over a Cyber-Western theme!

    Also, that Mitosis blaster is pretty neat. Didn't think of that one!


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