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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Zombiestrike Vagabond LEAKED!


After the jump.

Thanks to Justin Wu for the heads up, here we have the Nerf Zombiestrike Vagabond.

Commence pic spam.

This image is interesting because it suggests that this blaster takes Elites and Megas. The first to do so, maybe the first in a new line of blasters?

The swept back handle and pump grip on the front suggest a shotgun style blaster, I am ok with this. The texturing on the handle is nice too.

A fair bit of clear plastic here, Hasbro tells us that the cost of plastic is going up, so, why use expensive clear plastic? I'm also liking the styling too, it's what lead me to believe that this is a ZS blaster.

New and interesting loading style, each barrel is extended with a cut-away for loading. This should make reloading on the fly easy, my concern is though, will the darts bounce off the front portion of the barrel and then land at your feet?

The darts are reminiscent of the Stinger darts that came with the Rayven Stinger in 2013 (yes, that long ago).

I've pieced the images together as best as I could and this was the end result:

Another concern is the short prime, but, the grip might be locked halfway. Or, it might be a large bore short stroke plunger as Hasbro have been doing lately.

I want one, it'll be interesting to see if it:

A. Has slamfire
B. Is is integrated into a masterkey by someone

What are your thoughts?

~ Rob.


  1. You'd think slamfire is a must these days, especially for the kind of piece that it is. Curious about the whole dual ammo thing- the 5+1 config is novel but whether it's likely the mega always shoots last or just.. in order:P

    Looks awesome though. I'm pretty picky about stuff I pick up these days, but I'd definitely put this one on my rainy day list:D

    1. Holy Monkey! Pocket! Long time no see (or read) we miss you man.

    2. Nice of you to say- but i see you're doing a fantastic job bringing the world the good news (that sounds so holy!) :D

    3. Pocket, everyone misses Urban Taggers. It'd be nice to have more info. The more one knows, the better. On another note, the fears about the Vagabond's muzzle may be a bit of paranoia since from the angle of particular pictures, the front muzzles are indeed large enough to allow the dart to pass through without problems. Really looking forward to this, though it'd be expensive given the Australian Dollar at the moment.

  2. Looks like they took a Strongarm, put the RoughCut trigger and pump grip on it, and gave it longer barrels. I love the LOOK of the blaster, but I worry about performance of those darts being side-fed and then being fired through a half-open barrel into a full closed barrel. It's probably fine, but until I see it fire, it's a bit of a worry.

  3. I think it SHOULD TAKE mega darts, I hope it does... :l

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