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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Nerf Mega Lightning Bow Revealed


Why Hasbro?

Why do you need to do this?

Another bow after the jump.

Excuse me for a moment..


Now that's out of my system.

Why do they need to do this? We get the Centurion, not a good start. Then they sort of redeem themselves with the Magnus then they took a step backwards with the Thunderbow. Lets not mention the Bigshock. Then Mega gets a boost of testosterone with the CycloneShock then six months later, BOOM! Rotofury!


WHAT THE FOAM HASBRO‽ (<- that's an interrobang) You were on such a good streak with the Mega line. At last we had everything we wanted from it, you took our expectations and desires up and up, and then. Blew them into tiny fiery chunks of remorse and disappointment that then fall into the Nope river at the bottom of What The Hell canyon. It's a dang Bigshock, with bow arms... and no trigger! It looks like you pull the string and that in turn draws on a plunger inside the handle. Wonder if the guy that thought of that got the rest of the day off? There are also holders for four Mega darts.

What's odd is that it's white (mostly), I wonder if this change of colour is a one time thing or if it's the new colour for Mega?

It's advertised as being XD, which is a lie. And it would've made more sense to release the Lightning Bow first, at least that's what I think. I also think someone at Hasbro HQ is a big fan of Hunger Games and/or Hawkeye (or maybe Green Arrow, who knows?)

Have they run out of ideas for Mega already? Or is this the poopy blaster they give us in between the good ones to keep us grounded? I'm hoping for the later.

~ Rob


  1. I have a fix! put the mega dart on the elite dart in the heartbreaker bow. FIX

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