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Saturday, 25 July 2015

REVIEW: Mega Rotofury

Never before has a blaster created such excitement in me. Since the blurry thumbnail on the 2015 blaster leak pic right up until the day it came home, I, wanted, one!

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It was first called the Berserker, but this might've been a code name as Hasbro have done before ('Javelin' was the Centurion and 'Rotoslam' was the Revonix 360). But I'm calling it "awesome".

The handles are comfy and feel solid. The whole blaster feels solid. Priming is easy enough but a bit noisy because of the gears in the back.

Slamfire works a treat though admittedly I'm hesitant to slam it too quickly due largely to the gears in the back and me not wanting to strip them. Having said that though, I've never had a gear problem with a Roughcut or with a Stampede (when I had a working one). Firing darts come with the added bonus of a nice 'pop' sound too. Range is on par with grey trigger Mega blasters.

I can really only think of two things I don't like about the Rotofury and one of them are specific to the unit I have.

1. paint-job quality issues
2. lacking stock attachment point

Since the Centurion, six Mega darts is the most we've been able to have in a single Mega blaster, so having ten is a nice change. Wait a few weeks and there will be a twelve dart Mega clip but that'll be coming from Buzz Bee (who'd have thought right?).

The Rotofury is the Mega primary we've been waiting for since the 'Failturion' didn't deliver on... pretty much anything really.

In closing, all I'll say is buy one. It's a tonne of fun and if you're going to be playing a game where Megas do the following:
- break shields
- single shot kill for boss/tank zombies
- splash damage

You may want at least one Rotofury on your team.

- cost, seriously, it's only AUD39!
- comfort
- 10 Mega dart capacity
- it's big and red
- priming is nice
- smooth trigger

- lacking stock attachment point

~ Rob


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