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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Rebelle Agent Kit... Really?

IF there was ever a Nerf product that was worth as few words as possible, it's this one.

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Name: Nerf Rebelle Agent Kit



Product Details
Secret spy missions await, with the action-packed Nerf Rebelle Agent Kit. Pull back the handle of the bow and fire 4 darts in a row up to 22 metres or switch to the mini blaster and fire secret messages over to your friends to decode using the secret message darts and decoders

So, bows and Jolts are the two things we're sick of seeing and Hasbro have decided to put them in a set together. Give that guy a raise! (end sarcasm)

~ Rob


  1. I think the thunderbow and a " elite" jolt were packaged together in a kit too.

  2. Bows, Jolts, and even Stryfes and Strongarms are getting thrown into the mix lately. Wheres the originality gone Hasbro?

  3. Let's see, air-pressure-powered blasters are "unsafe". Yeah right. If there's an OPRV in there it's safe AF.
    Hell, if they make a hopper-based semi-auto air-gun, I would probably get it.
    Or, a full-auto direct-plunger blaster with a massive plunger-tube.

    Hey, there's one "bow" that I wouldn't mind seeing a reshell of, The Crossbow. The 1995 crossbow with N-Strike rails and colouring.


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