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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Zombiestrike Crosscut Review

It's been too long since my last post, there hasn't been too much spare time lately for me. But I'm determined to start making weekly posts starting with this one. So lets have a look at the Zombiestrike Crosscut shall we?

You know how your mum said "If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all"? Well, I'm not going to follow that in this review.

The Crosscut is unashamedly gimmicky. A circular saw on a gun... really? The Lancer from Gears Of War has a chainsaw bayonet on it, but that's because it looks bad-arse as hell! But a circular saw? No, no it doesn't.

The plastic is rigid as you'd expect from Hasbro however the 'guard' on the side of the saw flexes too much and can rub against the saw blade causing it to stop earlier than it should. The secondary trigger used to spin the blade has a fairly heavy draw and is too far from the grip for little fingers (remember, this is a toy for kids). So smaller (and weaker) hands might have some trouble with it. I also found it hard to spin the blade as fast as I wanted to. Once it reaches it's max RPM, the mechanism for the blade skips. The blade itself has a plastic inner and a foam outer edge with no core. It does feel like Perpetual Play made it.

The blaster is easy to prime, but that could be the weaker spring in it due to Australia's restricted power blasters (stoopid toy safety laws and your stoopidness). The functional part of the blaster is copied from the Splitstrike, that being a two dart chamber, muzzle loading smart AR blaster. Firing from top to bottom. So, maybe leave the ARs in for this one.

The handle is a good size for large and small hands and is fairly comfy, the trigger pull is smooth too. I like the junkyard-punk aesthetics of the blaster too. I just wish more of the spare parts used to 'make' the blaster were painted.

So, what I said before about not saying anything nice, well, here it comes.

This blaster cost AUD27! That;s just AUD2 fewer than the Doublestrike. So, you're effectively getting a second blaster for an additional $2. What you're really paying for with the Crosscut is the saw on the side and it doesn't work. You can't make it spin fast (the gears skip), it's too soft (mine's already bent), the guard is too flexible and there is too much play in the blade. The blade wobbles enough to touch the shell on either side, so in order to have the blade spinning for the longest time possible, you need to hold it still and upright. And then there is the performance. Now, being a grey trigger version, there will be reduced power. However, the Crosscut has trouble keeping up with the Doublestrike (the only other blaster I have that I can compare it to). If you're going to sell a blaster based on a gimmick Hasbro, make sure the gimmick works.

I don't recommend buying this one, not because it's a grey trigger version, but because the selling point of this blaster is faulty and I don't see how an orange trigger will change that anytime soon.

1. looks good
2. saw looks bad-arse
3. comfy handle

1. too expensive
2. wobbly blade
3. blade is easily damaged
4. saw trigger is too far from handle
5. saw trigger draw is too heavy for kids
6. blade guard flexes too much
7. crap performance
8. saw mechanism gears skip
9. needs more paint

So yeah. Don't buy it.

~ Rob


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