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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

2016 Blaster Line Up - My Thoughts and Rumors

So we've seen the big guns Hasbro are bringing out this year. All of us are excited for at least one of them. There are undoubtedly more to come (I've heard rumors) but lets think about the ones we've seen so far.

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I'll start with the Brainsaw. I want one. The last chainsaw to wear the Zombistrike Z logo was a lack luster product made of flimsy cheap foam. It also had an annoying sound chip in it that meant to sound like a chainsaw at the press of a buttonm but it ended up sounding like a mouse trying to sing with laryngitis. This however is a proper chainsaw (of sorts), with a blade that rotates at the pull of a string. My money is on a pull-string activated, weighted flywheel to keep the blade spinning for a while. But I'm hoping for a motor and a battery bay. Other than the saw bits, it's effectively a Roughcut but that doesn't mean I want one any less. OH NO! Expected price for these is USD30 but I'm guessing closer to AUD50 or maybe AUD60 when it gets to the big brown country. Because of the Australia Tax.

The Double-Dealer looks... hmmm, I don't know how it looks. I don't know if I like the looks or not yet. Regardless of the aesthetics, it is the first clip-fed Doomlands blaster but there are some things I've noticed about this blaster. One, the see-through part of the clips is one the wrong side, you can't see how much ammo you have left. Two, these have a new design for clips. Whether this design is rolled out to the rest of the Nerf stable remains to be seen, but it might not because there is a symmetry there. If it was just one of these clips loaded in either side, one would be facing the other way, yellow bit to the front. Apart from Firefly Tech clips, the only other line to get their own design in clips is the Rapid Red. If Hasbro are making Doomlands clips now, we may see more clip fed Doomlands blasters in the future.

This blaster is is effectively two Rampages side-by-side. There are two reasons people don't like the Rampage. One, side loading clip put it off balance. Two, jams a lot (though I've yet to experience this without it being my fault yet). Having two side loading clips will solve the balance issue, hopefully Hasbro have fixed the jamming woes too. But I do see a problem with reloading, it'll take longer than normal, not because there are two clips. Because the clips are on opposite sides of the blaster. This has slamfire too, so you might spend more time reloading than you will shooting. I'm guessing about the AUD$70 range for this when it come down here.

When OutOfDarts made his full auto 100+ round capacity Zeus, the NIC's applause was deafening. Some might say then that the Rival Khaos was copying him. Not likely, these would've been penned at least a year ago, most likely two. The Khaos is a 40 round capacity, full auto ball blaster. I'm curious to know how the mag works. I think it might be a system similar to the 40 disc drum from the Pyragon, only instead of rotating to the next bank of ammo, the mag slides forward one position, we'll see. Not going to gues the price because we won't get it.

FYI, It's 'Chaos' and in Greek mythology he was the beginning of creation.

The Modulus Tri-Strike. Looks like the result of me stuffing a Longstrike, Dualstrike, Thunderblast and a Retailiator in my nose and then I sneezed this out. HAMP Mega dart launcher, and I've heard the missile is HAMP as well. Only it's launched by thrusting the shoulder stock forward. Hence the tube connecting the two. It's a bolt prime blaster, those never work out. Take the Longshot for example, everyone with a LS wants a pump grip for it. I like the colours, but other than that, I'll give this one a miss. It'll be over-priced when it gets here anyway.

Take all the attachments off and what you're left with is a Retaliator with a bolt in it.

MASTADON! Rumor is this one is semi-auto. The drum holds 24 Mega darts and they can be fired as quickly as you can pull the trigger. I'm guessing Vulcan internals with a bit of Tommy 20 in there too. I love the Mega line, and I love ridiculous, but this is a bit too ridiculous for me. However, as Bobolo remarked, this blaster would be perfect for an HvZ game and there was one guy with a Mastadon specifically for the role of taking down tank/berserker zombies. In a Nerf war, it'd only work in a class based game in which each team had a grunt/heavy gunner.

In before 3D printed Elite conversion drum.

My biggest fear for this one is the price. This is going to be one expensive blaster. The Vulcan went for as much as AUD80 here. With the cost of new blasters going up with each new generation. This one might be in the hundreds. But, then again, Hasbro has to know that if the price is too high, it'll kill sales. Ie. Cam ECS-12.

Hyperfire. Said to be the faster shooting blaster (stock blaster) to date. I see a lot of wasted plastic on this blaster. Oh yes, there will be minimisations. It takes D size batteries. Why? The Rapidstrike does ok with C sized batteries. I can only think that the new motors Hasbro are using require more omph. This is not the first blaster to wear the Hyperfire name tag too (think old school Dart Tag blaster). The one thing that really erks me with this blaster is the low hanging fore grip, everything else I can tolerate. This image is just a digital render so it might change. We can hope. Again, the price when it gets here concerns me. The Rapidstrike was selling for as much as AUD80 in some places.

Absent from the 2016 line-up so far is anything from the Rebelle or Secrets and Spies lines. Interpret that any way you want. But to me it says either,
1. Hasbro is sexist
2. Nothing interesting for those lines this year

Probably the later.


So, in my searchings, I've found some rumors that indicate a new Rival blaster called the Atlas XV1 2400. From the name we get the 24 round capacity and that Hasbro are continuing the mythological gods theme. I know no other information about it.

Also, a new Rebelle blaster is on the way called 'Trinity', again, other than the name, I know nothing else.

I've taken enough of your time I think. You may go now.

~ Rob


  1. Hmm, perhaps "Trinity" is a direct-plunger rifle that fires darts in three-round bursts?
    SPARTAN NCS, anybody?

  2. Most Rebelle blasters use existing concepts. Probably it's a triad clone.

  3. On the hyperfire I'm guessing the batteries are in the back? Hope it's a tray like the RS.

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