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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Modulus, Where are you going?

I lost my job two months ago and you'd think I'd be modding up a storm with my new found spare time. Wrong. I'm currently working on my third YouTube channel (after my Nerf and personal channels) and getting launch content for it is becoming difficult. BUT! As this is a Nerf blog let's talk about that.

Recently I got to see some of the official promo photos of the Tri-strike and other various Nerf goodies.

I love the dart loosely hanging out of the barrel in this one. I don't like the air tube but also see the need for it. But mostly don't like it. I also hate the idea of pumping the stock to fire the rocket. Boooooo!

To my knowledge, this is the first tac-rail mountable Nerf pistol since the Strikefire. It's basically 2/3 of a Triad that is actually meant to be attached to the underside of a barrel. Problem with this will be the same problem as detachable assault grips, stability. They become detached too easily. But, that's nothing a strong adhesive can't fix.

It's a targeting light, similar to what we saw with the N-Strike Element. Just a different shell. Below is a tac-light.

I'm all for Nerf accessories such as these. Because we've seen them before and we've wanted them to come back so we can kit-out our blasters. My biggest worry though, is how lack-luster the new attachments are. The Tri-strike's rocket launcher is a good idea, but the hose makes it look like they couldn't be bothered with finishing the design properly. And the hamp Mega dart launcher on the front. Nobody likes hamp things, not in Nerf anyway. How many people have cut off the rocket launcher from their Demolisher? I'm willing to say a lot them. Now, what if the rocket launcher was fired via a trigger? Would it be cut off as frequently? No, it would not.

And what the hell is up with the seemed discontinuation of the eighteen dart clips? All we seem to get now are 10s and 12s. We get 25 dart drums too, but only in the expensive blasters like the Rhinofire and the Elite Hyperfire. We get them with the Rampage too, but those are becoming rare as well. Hasbro are doing weird things with the Nerf brand, giving us things we want while at the same time, taking away the things we already love (18 clips, Stryfes, Rayvens and Rapidstrikes).

There are somethings that (I don't think) Hasbro will ever get rid of. Strongarms and Firestrikes for example. But where did all the Hammershots go? Arguably the best Nerf pistol ever, poof, gone. But for some reason, the Jolt remains Nerf's bad smell, forever lingering.

I'm interested to see the next series of Modulus blasters and accessories though. You don't know, they might be good. I hope.

What do you think?

~ Rob


  1. I have some feedback regarding your gripes with the Tri Strike. First up, the reason why the tubing of the missile launcher is exposed is because the system is supposed to be modular, thus giving it the ability to be attached to other blasters too. Making a system only for one blaster kinda defeats the purpose of Modulus. As for the HAMP systems, the only defence I can put up is that they're cheaper and take lesser space, otherwise they most definitely suck. And I guess same goes for the 10 round mag, cheaper(although they could've given a 12 round mag). And yes, the Rayven is most sincerely missed.

  2. i agree with you Rob. Funnily enough though at a target i occasionally go to they still have some hammershots! should i pick one up? i already have 2 though, one stock and one modified by frankenzilla ;)

    1. Get it immediately. They are going to get very rare.

  3. I agree, but Hammershots appear in my target from time to time, like the Longshot and the Splitstrike. They are quite rare, but not ready to go yet. I greatly dislike how Nerf seems to be killing the 18 clip in favour of 6s, 12s or 25 drums.

  4. the tri strike is kind of a sniper, so a 18 dart clip would be kinda silly. and I sure hope the SA is replaced, as it is good for a proto, but the internals are way to flimsy. and the firestrike is good, but it could easily be replaced with something better. (think, more accurate, powerful, or better eronomics, dart storage, tac rail, light, laser) the firestrike IS good, but could still be better.
    Hogan the modder

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