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Why are you here? I'm not that interesting, but, since you're here anyway.

Hi, my name is Rob. You'll remember me from such blogs as this one you're at right now. I'm an older age Nerfer at *redacted* years old. I played around with Nerf when I was younger. Then during the 2012 Secret Santa at my work. The popular gifts were Jolts and Firestrikes. When the novelty wore off for some of my colleges they gave the blasters to me. Then the bug bit again only this time it was harder.

After a few months of terrorising my family with foam firearms, I discovered the blogs. Urban Taggers and My Last Dart were the first. Then I found Awesomely Nerf, Bay Area Nerf, AFoN and Tactical Tag. After reading for a few months I decided to give it a try myself. That was June 2013.

I work in the IT field (but it's actually an office), outside of blasters, my interests are gadgets, movies, video games and cars. Basic guy stuff. I'm happily married (to a very understanding wife) with two wonderful kids, a son (who likes Vortex) and a daughter (who just loves her Pink Crush).

I live in the southern Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank Hills in Queensland, Australia. From a young age I've always been taking stuff apart to see how it works (and sometimes breaking it in the process), I like doing things with my hands and tinkering with things to try and make them better. So, yes, I'm a modifier, but I don't get a lot of spare time to work on modifications. I started SBNC with every intention of making it an actual "club" but slowly over time, it developed into a blog. But, now that I have local following, I'm working on the club bit again.

What I like most about the NIC is the absence of bitter rivalry (friendly rivalry is everywhere though). You won't hear of one person talking crap about another.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to come to this corner of my pokey little blog and reading about my extremely average life. If your wanting to see my arsenal, head on over to my reviews page, all the blasters there marked with a "+", I own.

~ Rob.

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