Southern Brisbane Nerf Club


Jay Nerf. Jay's honest, unbiased and genuine reviews and mod guides are the reason I regard him as one of the best Nerfers on YouTube if not on par with the "established" Nerfers on YouTube. Have a look at his vids, I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do. Check out an interview here.

My Last Dart. Ash has supported my blog since the start. I owe a lot to Ash, he's been a big help to me with getting this blog going and giving me advice in how to go about doing things. We chat a lot on Skype and as become a good mate over the months. My Last Dart is undoubtedly the biggest blaster blog in the NIC after Pocket called it a day for Urban Taggers.

I've been following the guys at Bay Area Nerf (Shawn, Josh and BFU) since before I started my own blog. They have a fortnightly podcast called the Nerfcast and is always entertaining. If you're in (or near) Santa Clara, California, USA and into Nerf or want to be, check these guys out.

Liam is a Brisbane local and an active member in the Brisbane Nerf scene. He'll host wars almost monthly and has a solid collection of followers on his Instagram page LiamsNerfMods. He's a good mate and the person to talk if you're in Brisbane and want a brass breech Longshot.

Mike (AKA Bazookafied) of Tactical Tag fame is a cool guy. Not only is he a Nerf hobbyist, but he's also an amateur rally driver and a friend. His blog (along with others) are what inspired me to start my own. If you're into the occasional Laser Tag blog post, Mike has you covered as well. Some of his Laser Tag custom builds are nothing less than amazing (the Pulse Rifle is my personal favourite). Give his page a view and see this big kid at work, you'll be glad you did.

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