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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Elite Cam ECS 12 & what else I want to see from Nerf in 2014 (pic heavy)

We've already been given a taste (more like a meal) of what to expect from Nerf this year, but, I'm still left wanting.


Today (for me anyway) news broke (via Engadget) of a new Nerf prototype blaster. The Cam ECS 12.
PICS: Engadget

Still the prototype phase (you can tell because the finish on the plastic makes it look like I made it). This blaster appears to be a Rapidstrike reshell but with two interesting additions, a camera and a 1.77 inch colour screen. Semi auto, not barrel extension compatible, static shoulder stock, orange on white colouring, 90 foot range and US$75. Yeah, US$75!!! If that's the case they better work on the quality of the camera because 0.3 mega pixel @ 20 FPS is not acceptable at that price point. That's a 320x280 20 FPS camera in a Stryfe reshell with a stock and the cost is more than doubled! You can buy a 640x480 30 FPS webcam for $10 at Woolworths (in Australia). It gets worse, If the price point doesn't shift, this thing could cost in the region of $150 down here! No non-Nerfer will buy it for that price. I have an old Java OS resistive touchscreen phone (somewhere) that has a better camera than this thing!

So far, January has been a good month for us bloggers. We got this

and this

and this

and this

50% of these I'm interested in and 60% I'm not (figures are correct to margin of 10%). I don't like the bows. There have been too many since the Hunger Games and Avengers movies. Maybe we should call them Hasbow? Hahahahaaaaaa.... yeah that joke sucked, moving on.

So, Lets start with Mega. Lets get it out of the way, Centurion sucked! The Magnus is AWESOME! and the Thunder Box... I dunno. We've yet to see the rumored Mega SMG/Gatling blaster (I blame the security crackdown at the Nerf factory for that). But I think a full/semi auto blaster might just be on the cards for Mega.

But the issue with that is the Mega darts. They're a bit squishy and fly-wheels may not be able to grip them properly. Motor driven plunger I think would work better. "But Rob, the Centurion eats darts like a hillbilly eats liquid cheese", that might be true, but. I've not had any issues with the Mega darts in the Magnus. But motor driven plungers require lotsa power and therefore bigger batteries (D size). Making the blaster heavy. We might be seeing a Mega shotgun next. Because;

A. It would be cheaper than a full/semi auto
B. I still think it's too early for Hasbro to unveil Mega's halo blaster
C. People want one!

Elite. The Demolisher looks very promising. it actually looks good in orange unlike the orange Stryfe. The colour change signifies the new elite range of 85-100 feet! (Maybe not for us here in Australia... fail). UK Nerf mentioned a "mystery blaster" that was quite large but under wraps at the London toy fair. We already have the Rapidstrike for now. It is a recent addition to the Elite stable and I think it would be too early for Hasbro to release it's successor. What we don't have is an Elite "sniper" blaster. That's what my money is on. The Centurion is a sniper style blaster but is Elite Mega, and not just the plain ol' Elite. And if there ever was a case for a version 2 update, it's the Centurion. We don't yet have a bow for the Elite line either, and I hope we never have to see one!

Rebelle. I still feel like we've yet to see Rebelle's halo blaster. The Guardian Crossbow is very nice. Yes it's a Strongarm with a pump action prime but that's why I like it. Pump action just feels more natural. I want the bows to stop... NOW! A Rebelle shotgun doesn't seem right and nor does a sniper blaster. I'm thinking a girlified Stryfe or Rapidstrike, but the design department will really have their work cut out for them to make Rapidstrikes look feminine.

Zombistrike. Since it started we've been tantilised with rumors of a Winshester style blaster and now we have one, the Slingfire. But I don't think that'll be Zombiestrike's halo blaster. I doubt we'll see it this year, they might be holding it for next year. I'm thinking shotgun. The Sledgefire is ok for mucking around inside but not too good in a war. Random Shadow 09 found a Zombiestrike Roughcut on a Target store's price check terminal once. But so far, nothing has come of it.

I think a blunderbuss blaster would with the whole zombie apocalypse thing. It would be a good blaster as a last resort too. Imagine pulling the trigger and 10 darts fire at once! It is do-able, but I doubt it'll ever come to fruition.

Dart Tag Elite. I'm always excited about a new line or a rebooted one because it means more blasters. Elite Dart Tag (EDT) rumors are a recent arrival. I just hope we see more than recoloured old blasters with upgraded internals. I doubt we'll see a clip based EDT blaster. Why? Because Dart Tag games are fast and you need to be able to reload on the fly. That's what the outgoing generation of Dart Tag blasters were all abut. Sure they looked silly, but, the design made loading with scavenged darts quicker and easier. I'm hoping for a more sci-fi look with EDT, nothing cartoony or orange.

So, enough from me. What to you want to see from Nerf in 2014?

~ Rob


  1. are they going to sell the nerf cam ecs 12 in australia

    1. Yes. Price is ecpected to be arond $80, expect it towards the end of the year


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