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Monday, 20 January 2014

N-Strike Elite Demolisher... wait, what?

One of my favorite Nerf blogs Prop Weapons Co-op shows us the future of N-Strike Elite, the Demolisher.


Credit goes to Basic Nerf for the tip off.

So it would appear that Hasbro are watching the mod community. After we we've been adding master-keys to blasters for a while now, Hasbro have (at least) designed one with an inbuilt master-key.

It's looks like it's a Stryfe (reshelled) with a foam missile master-key and a shoulder stock. I'm digging the shoulder stock, really digging the shoulder stock. It's in the new Elite orange colour and features a banana clip!!!!

Supposedly selling (in the USA) for US$39.99 in the Aussie spring (USA's fall). This looks like a culmination of some very common and much liked mods. I can see the missile launcher coming in handy at a war or HvZ game were larger caliber ammo gets a splash damage radius.

How reliable will the banana clip be? Elite darts are cylindrical, not conical. There might be a few jams.

What kinds range will the foam missile have? It'll need to be weighted in the tip to have enough kinetic energy to push through the air.

How does the missile fire? Plunger or transfer of kinetic energy via a hammer.

The missile holder in the stock, is that gonna get in the way?

10 round clip... 10!?!?

No word on whether this is full or semi auto, if I had to call it by looks I'd say it's semi-auto. Why? Because a 10 round mag in a full auto blaster is just plain dumb!

I wonder what BuzzBee are thinking right now?

So the BuzzBee Maniac may not be the best looking or performing blaster there is. But the idea remains the same. Only with the Maniac, you get 20 rounds before you need to launch the "oh crap, I'm out" missile.

At the time of me writing this, it is still in the prototype phase. The Demolisher that is.

What are your thoughts?

~ Rob.


  1. Still don't like the color change. I am imagining it all blue and stuff.

  2. I'm reasonably certain that with ten rounds in there, all the darts are in the straight part of the magazine... All the bendy parts are either dart pusher/spring area or in the bit of empty space at the back of normal magazines.

  3. I wonder if the banana clip will fit in other blasters. I hope so.

    1. it will, the top section doesn't appear to be any different.

  4. my prediction is that the banana clip is a prototype and nothing more it will come with a straight clip if it launches


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