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Friday, 23 May 2014

Zombiestrike Double Strike, Demolisher, Mega Thunder Bow and Slingfire on

Those crafty Germans are up to it again. They've listed most of the 2014 blasters for sale (pre-order) on their website and with it comes lots and lots of promo images!

Where to start with this one? So many promo pics to go through. Ok, Demolisher.

It's listed for the equivalent of AUD88.50, which sounds a bit on the pricey side to me. Thanks to box art found by Awesomely Nerf, we now know this blaster has a 90 foot range, but not in Australia :(

Description as translated by Google:
Semi-automatic fire as a Stryfe, exceptional magazine such as N-Strike Raider or Elite Rampage and rocket launchers as the Big Bad Bow-the Demolisher 2-in-1 fulfills the purpose for which you have previously used many different models. And it still makes a damn good figure: One of the top models from the Elite range in 2014, with the usual top range and a new spring technology, which is a star of this package to Good: The Magazine Banana style. But that's not enough, under the barrel there is a rocket launcher, which can fire the new elite missile missiles. The rockets also available separately also find in the buttstock area. Supplied's the Demolisher Blaster, 10 darts, 2 missiles, banana magazine and buttstock.

And here come the hi res (mostly laughable) promo shots!

And on to the Mega Thunder Bow.
has this listed for AUD66.35. To me, that sounds about right for an Australian price point. I'm still on the fence about this one. It just looks too goofy.

The Google Translated description goes:
Margins, deep breath, fire! The Mega series gets unusual growth, but the conviction. After the sheet of the rebel series is now also one of the elite series - and not only that, even from the MEGA offshoot. With this huge bow range is guaranteed up to 25 meters are to do with the good piece. Yiehah! The Thunderbow is used as a classic bow - and by the innovative plunger system, which is already used in Rough Cut and zombie crossbow, all 5 darts are sequentially fires - without the need of changing.

Now, time for more promo shots!

That's it for promo stock, I promise!

Now, the Slingfire. Selling for the equivalent AUD51.55, at that price, I'd expect to find this in Toys R Us. Target or somewhere else, I'd say closer to AUD40.

Description (Google Translated):
Once it is assumed that fully automatic blaster a few years after the fall of civilization due to lack of maintenance or missing batteries give up the ghost, it is - at least if you want to survive in the zombified world of the near future in the long term - well advised to shop around for look a more robust alternative that still has a good rate of fire has ... And this is exactly the Zombie Strike Sling Fire. A stylish Unterlaufrepetierer, as we know from Western movies; high rate of fire, very precise and stylish than anything else before. Add to that the other N-Strike Elite blasters infamous range of up to 20m, removable magazines (which make reloading a matter of seconds) and the fact that you can stretch the Blaster as proficient zombie hunter-cowboy even with one hand. If one puts all of this, it is clear why the Sling Fire should be the worst nightmare of your opponents - whether they are alive or dead.

Lastly, the Double Strike.

This is a pricey plastic Derrenger at AUD22! NO WAY I'm paying that much for it! I'd price this at the same level as the Firestrike, AUD8. That's how much I'd pay for it.

The Google Translated description goes:

The little brother of the hammer is shot in the fall of 2014 (probably just for the zombie apocalypse time) come into the world and expectations are now very high. After the hammer shot was one of the most popular Blaster ever crowned Dartblaster of 2013, the Double Strike big shoes to fill appears. Much handier than her big brother she rather fulfills the role of a secondary Blasters, the holster well and can be pulled out from in emergency situations for two quick shots. As the hammer shot is also the Side Strike excellent suitable to be performed with one hand, because here the Blaster is stretched with his thumb over the rear-mounted faucet. Thus, combinations like two Side Strikes or a hammer and shot a Side Strike to use easily. We are sure that the little brother to the expectations placed on him justice!

Well, that's the biggest post I done for a while, think I'll go to bed now, got a big day of hunting on Taobao and Baidu tomorrow!

~ Rob


  1. so much for them making it fully automatic.

  2. What bothers me about the demolisher is that the rocket launcher is part of the blaster, and not a rail attachment. It seems to have a self contained firing mechanism, so why not have it be separate? The detachable stock has room for ammo, so why not give you the ability to take the stock and the launcher and put them both on say.. a recon with a barrel extension? Why not give people that option?

    1. I am sure that will be a mod right after it comes out, someone is going to hack it off and attach it to a recon barrel, also nerf should have thought of that. yeah maybe having it as a rail attachment might be a hard but as a full barrel attachment would solve everything.

  3. Alot of it might be that Nerf rails don't hold on that well, so pumping it would probably cause it to fall off. but with a hacksaw and some slydev parts... i think that might be a pretty good idea.

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